IT: Review

Stephen King’s terrifying novel comes back to life after 27 years since the original release. 

Aguilar Power: STRANGE FILMS Interview

The father and son filmmaking duo, August and Frank Aguilar, are interviewed on Rose Marie Machario’s show: Dream Big. 

Burrito Bloggers Music Monday (10/9/17)

Let’s get animated this Columbus Day. 

Burrito Bloggers Music Monday (10/2/17)

The countdown to Halloween begins!

For The Love Of Music: Keep It Heavy

From The Monkees to Billy Joel, this is a different kind of sound than what you’re used to. 

Burrito Bloggers Music Monday (9/24/17)

Fall has begun, what kind of music holds your heart? 

Soundtracks: Last Action Hero

Even Arnold can’t make this stuff up… Take a look at another classic 90’s soundtrack.

Burrito Bloggers Music Monday (9/18/17)

Let’s get loose this Monday!

Home Again (Review)

Date night anyone? 

Mother! Review

A bizarre twist of a nightmare that doesn’t seem to end. 

For The Love Of Music: White Zombie

White Zombie’s 1992 album La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume 1.

Burrito Bloggers Music Monday (9/11/17)

Don’t take your day for granted. Here is some music you may not have heard.