Rocket League Review (Xbox One)

The success of Rocket League on the PS4 has spawned a version for its competitor: Xbox One. Just releasing on the 17th of this month, it has been a fun and fresh experience thus far.

Being an Xbox native, I wasn’t given the opportunity to play Rocket League so I had to jump the chance when it arrived. For those of you who don’t know what the game is, it’s basically extreme soccer on wheels. You drive highly customizable cars and trucks around in a huge stadium hitting a giant ball into a goal. Sounds awesome right?

Indeed it is, and it’s truly one of a kind. The concept is so simple and original. You’ll find in your first match however, it is an insane kind of game. It’s very fast paced, and well balanced, but you’re not going to be a pro on your first rodeo. As simple as it sounds, it’s quite difficult to drive, boost, jump, and hit a giant ball into a giant goal while other drivers are doing the same thing. But it’s a hell of a lot of fun to try.

The mechanics of the game is something I really want to praise. It’s very smooth and fast. You’ll notice that jumping (yes, you’ll jump and flip all over the place) and boosting are your best friends, along with the nice ball lock to keep your eye on the prize. You’ll desperately try and get to the ball to score or save. The driving is a lot of fun too of course. Not only you’re on a huge soccer field, you’re able to drive on the walls of the stadium and even reach the top for a brief moment.

Lastly, the highly customizable options are pretty great. You’ll get hundreds of options to choose from modifying your body kit, paint scheme, wheels, flags, hat toppers (I have a shark fin) and more. This brings a little extra fun in the mix when you see everyone’s different cars driving around.

Some adjustments that could be made would be what you could be doing while you’re waiting for the next game. You’ll unlock items and have the option to equip right away, but you’re unable to customize anything else on your car unless quitting your session and going back to the main menu’s garage. I think being able to customize while you wait would be a great addition. Also, I think with the game being new the servers may be bogged down a bit. I had a few games where I was lagged badly and could hardly play as well as not being able to link up with a friend. Give it time though, it may be resolved after the game has been out for awhile. *UPDATE: A new update was just released and the server has improved. I still had a couple of shaky sessions but much better than before.*

With the fast-paced fun, creative options, and a game unlike any others, it is a sure win for Xbox One. Local split screen play is a plus, and soccer fans will like the nods of terminology too. I give this game an 8/10.

Here is a video I recently put together using in game footage from the Xbox One

2 thoughts on “Rocket League Review (Xbox One)

  1. Rocket League is definitely one of the BEST games I have ever played. It requires real skill and it is a BLAST to play. You mentioned wanting to do something while waiting for a game to start, and I have a solution for you. After a game ends it literally takes about 5 seconds to get back to the main menu. If you don’t want to sit and wait do this because in the main menu you have to option to customize your car and or play and exhibition game or practice in Free Mode while you’re “searching” for a game. No matter what you are doing once you are “joining” a match it will take you from your current activity and place you in your next match. Hope this helps!

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    1. Thanks HalfShell! I have to agree that is indeed a great game to play and pick up at anytime! But yes, I know it doesn’t take long at all to go back to the main menu, I thought it would just be nice to customize while you wait! Thanks for your input though and enjoy the game!

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