Netflix’s New Series: Love (First Impression)

Judd Apatow’s new dramedy show Love just released on Netflix (a little late for Valentines Day but that’s okay).

Love’s premise is based as a “down to earth view on dating” focusing on the two main characters Mickey and Gus exploring both male and female relationships perspectives.

Based on the first two episodes I’ve watched so far I have to say that it is an enjoyable show that feels very real. After Mickey and Gus both go through a break up the two try to adjust their personal lives, only to end up encountering each other at a convenient store. Of course naturally, both of these characters are quite opposite. Gus is the awkward nerdy dude that seems pretty chill yet emotional. On the other hand, Mickey is a loud, blunt, ambient taking and pot smoking chick who too seems very emotional. The two together though make a great chemistry.

Without giving anything away the first two episodes really set a path for the newly found friends and what lies ahead. Obviously both have their own personal lives to sort out but it seems like on their first day of getting to know each other there may be quite more to it.

Love so far has been enjoyable not coming off as too strong with laughs or drama. The realness and relate-able issues both characters deal with makes this show worthwhile. As I finish the season I will write a full review, but so far Judd Apatow has really seemed to shine again with writing and characters.

All 10 episodes of Love are available on Netlfix for streaming.

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