Xbox Live Back Up

If you’re an Xbox gamer like me, then yesterday and a bit of today may have been a stressful time period. Microsoft’s servers went completely down for almost 24 hours for no explanation why.

Xbox Live was affected horribly and that meant hardly anyone was having a good time. The bulk of the server issues were affecting all digital content that is available to Xbox Live players. Basically, all of the apps, games downloaded, the store, and gaming services were down and nothing was getting resolved. For me this was extremely frustrating because I digitally download my games and I wasn’t able to access them! Besides gaming, other players reported that they weren’t even able to access their blu-ray player app. Netflix was also affected to many, fortunately enough for me I was able to still watch my shows. After stalking the internet, Twitter, and, I found there was really no explanation on what was wrong or how long it was going to take to fix.

There were reports that Microsoft got hacked and that’s what caused the servers down. I’m not sure if this is true, but what I do know is that Microsoft rarely has outages like that. Perhaps it was because of the new February update they just rolled out? Who knows, but for now, the services should be back up and running again.

What do you think happened? Did this affect you in a way that your Xbox felt useless? Do you think Microsoft should offer some sort of gift for the inconvenience?

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