Xbox Live Games With Gold For March 2016 Revealed!

At least one good thing did come from Microsoft and Xbox Live today after the huge outage yesterday (you can read my other post about that here), the four titles for Games With Gold have been revealed, and they are awesome!

Beginning March 1st, all Xbox One owners will be able to download Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments throughout the entire month of March. In addition, beginning March 15th, Lords of the Fallen is the second game available for download until April 15th.

If you still own an Xbox 360, or haven’t been able to convert yet, have no fear. The 360 gets two games this month as well starting with Supreme Commander 2 from March 1st until March 15th. The second, and final game for download is none other than the classic Borderlands game! That will be available for download from March 16th until March 31st.

Remember, ALL future Games With Gold that get released on the Xbox 360 are backwards compatible for the Xbox One. That’s four free games downloaded straight to your console. If you’ve gotten rid of your 360, you can go to and find the games there to be downloaded to your One.

These games are honestly a surprise for me that they are offering such good titles. Recently I’ve felt that the Games With Gold haven’t been giving away that good of games, but I am very satisfied with these! Games With Gold offers four free games each month as well as lots of daily deals and discounts on the Xbox Store. Make sure you have Xbox Live Gold to get all these awesome features!


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