Rocket League Game Mode and New DLC

Now that servers are back up and running on both PS4 and Xbox One, Rocket League just rolled out a new update as well as free game mode called “Snow Day”.

“Snow Day” is a new game mode where you play in an ice rink instead of a field, and instead of a giant ball you are trying to score, it is a hockey puck! The new game mode is a nice addition to the already extremely popular game, but I will say it is a bit more challenging to score.

This news is also accompanied by breaking news today, where Rocket League will be releasing a special Batmobile DLC for Batman v Superman next month! You will be able to drive not only the Batmobile, but you will also receive three flags: one for Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. This DLC will be available March 8th for all platforms at the price of only $1.99!

So far Rocket League has been a promising game with lots of entertainment. With the new game modes being available as well as DLC (the Delorean is also available), it may be likely we’ll continue to get special cars and other modes in the future. Rocket League also announced a physical copy will be released sometime in the near future.

What do you think of Rocket League and the new DLC? Do you think they’ll continue to release more updates as they go?

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