Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Revealed!

The internet continues to break today as the long awaited first look at the new Spider-Man has been revealed in the new Captain America: Civil War trailer. 

Tom Holland is the newest addition to our list of Spider-Man actors (although I did love Andrew Garfield and I still think he should have gotten a trilogy), and honestly I couldn’t be more excited. The difference between Holland and Tobey McGuire and Andrew Garfield is the fact that Holland is only 19 years old. Tobey and Andrew were both in their 30’s playing a high schooler. The realness to the character is going to be portrayed accurately now with a young kid playing a 15 year old superhero.

In addition, Tom Holland apparently has done a lot of his own stunts. If you check out his Instagram page he posts many pictures of him doing backflips and other acrobatics on his own. Not to say he’s not going to have help being the webslinger, but I’d say he’s definitely going to be more flexible.

As far as the costume goes, this variation is much different than the other two that we’ve seen before. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man had the classic look with a very detailed thick silver lining around the entire suit. Marc Webb’s Spider-Man felt a little more closer to the comics with his sleekness, flexibility, style, and white eyes. But here, the new MCU version has more of a Under Armour look to the costume. His arms and legs have a slight pattern to them, and his EYES MOVE. That was incredible.

I think we are all going to be in for a treat folks. I have all the confidence in the world that this new Spider-Man is going to in fact amazing. Yes, it is a little annoying that we’ve had 3 different actors, 5 movies, and two studios trying to get this guy right, but ultimately he belongs in the Marvel Cinematic Universe along with the Avengers right? What do you think of the new look? Check out the trailer below!

Captain America: Civil War opens up in theaters May 6, 2016.

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