Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

After three long years, the time has come to finally see two of the most iconic characters in comic book history on one screen. Batman and Superman, going head to head to ultimately make way for the bigger universe in store. Despite any bad critic reviews you may read, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice makes history, record-breaking success, and an epic story. Here’s a quick recap of what’s going on in the DC Cinematic Universe: Man of Steel started the DCCU with drastic measures. Superman going against General Zod ultimately destroyed Metropolis along with thousands of lives in the process. Superman is now viewed to many around the world as a hero who saves all, but also a threat who can’t be controlled and can destroy the world if he wanted to. The politics are very heavy in the film debating on who Superman really is. But it is Bruce Wayne who’s opinion matters, for he’s the one who thinks he should be destroyed in case the day comes that Superman goes rogue. Batman is the man for the job.

As the film sets the motion forward to the climatic battle between Superman and Batman, there are a lot of things going on. First of all, we have Batman who is an older and wiser man than we’ve ever seen before on screen. He’s been fighting crime for 20 years and lost a lot, but now he feels that he has a purpose again; to stop Superman. Superman is battling his own demons, as the world is conflicting his own self beliefs about the man he is. He is trying to do good, but is he really doing more harm? He tends to want to hang the cape up because of this. Lex Luthor is a sociopath who is hell bent on using his own intelligence and resources to shame Superman in front of the world while getting rid of Batman in the process. There are other minor characters who run around such as Lois Lane and Wonder Woman (before she suits up), and they each serve a nice purpose for the bigger picture.

The casting for the movie is great. I praise Ben Affleck as Batman. He’s the best Bruce Wayne we’ve ever seen on film, and an even better Batman. His large build, use of gadgets, detective skills, and tone is all spot on. Henry Cavill is still a great Superman, and now seeing both of these guys together I just want more and more. Gal Gadot really shined though; she was wonderful as Wonder Woman. We were able to see her blend in with society as well as don the armor and fight, plus a glimpse of how long she has really been around for. The only questionable role I may consider is Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. For me, he was just too animated and psychotic. Obviously the man is very smart and extremely dangerous, but he made things very awkward at times. I just imagined an older Luthor with a bit more seriousness to him to move things in a more intense direction. I’ll be interested to see where Eisenberg’s new shiny bald head goes from here though.

The action of this movie was incredible. There are many good scenes that showcase The Dark Knight and Man of Steel, reminding us how awesome these superheroes are. Despite the title of Batman v Superman, there is only one fight between them that doesn’t last too long. However, it is a very good fight. They trade back and forth, but we are shown that Batman, who is just a man, can beat a God. But the best fight was saved for last when Wonder Woman shows up to help fight Doomsday. The Trinity together all give everything they’ve got to take down the beast. Wonder Woman even uses her lasso! It was really fun and exciting to see these characters together, and it should be even better when we have a full Justice League.

Speaking of the Justice League, we get a few glimpses of some future members. The biggest one is The Flash. For me personally, I loved the idea of the time-traveling Flash to warn Bruce about the future and what may happen with Superman. The Knightmare sequence right before is hopefully a vision that he was given into what the world is turning into from Darkseid (his symbol in the sand) and Superman (his soldiers ambushing and capturing Batman was crazy). However, Flash to me looked awful. You couldn’t really tell what his whole suit looked like, but he seemed to be wearing armor and a helmet of some sort. At first it was so loud, I couldn’t understand what he was saying. But he does indeed warn Bruce that “Lois is the key”, “You were right about him”, and “Find us”. We also get very small teases of Aquaman and Cyborg courtesy of Bruce hacking into LexCorp’s files where they already seem to be tracking the meta-humans.

Finally, I want to touch on Doomsday and the ending. Many including myself, were very disappointed when we saw the Doomsday reveal in the trailer. It took out the surprise but also raised questions why he was there in the first place for as much stuff they were putting into the film already. I will say this, the surprise still would have been nice. Doomsday is created by Lex Luthor using his own blood and General Zod’s body, and he is scary. He doesn’t quite have the look though, but you can see as he grows stronger throughout the battle he is beginning to grow more into the character from the comics. But the most surprising thing to take away is the fact that Superman sacrifices himself to defeat Doomsday, thus giving us: The Death of Superman. It was a shock, but it was great. The world mourns as we see the black casket with the silver symbol in the end. Although we know Superman is coming back, I still hope that Doomsday could return as well if someone pulls that Kryptonite spear out of his chest.

To wrap things up, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did not disappoint. Don’t read the critic reviews or Rotten Tomatoes score and think twice about the film. Go see it, and if you like it, go see it again. We are finally getting what we deserve with DC movies with Batman being the highlight. From here who knows where the story could go, possibly giving us at “Flashpoint” story or even “Injustice”. I do have confidence again in the DCCU and I’m excited to see what comes in the next few years. I give BvS an 8/10.

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