Flaked Review 

One of Netflix’s newest original series starring Will Arnett has proved to us yet again that Netflix makes great original programming. Flaked is not only a solid dramatic but fun featured show, it gives a lot of heart into its story and characters as well. 

Flaked is about a man named Chip. He lives in Venice, California running a furniture store, attending AA meetings, helping out friends and people in the community, and lives with a tragic past that haunts him each day. Or at least it seems that way to begin with. The one thing that Flaked wants you to think about is who Chip is and if he’s really a good guy or not. The reason is because Chip is portrayed as a selfish and self centered man, who only really cares about his well being. That is true to an extent, but he also shows greater sides to him than expected.

Chip is tangled with a small group of people in this 8 episode first season. Dennis, his long time best friend who he’s either fighting or lying to him with; Cooler, his stoner friend that really is just a ball of joy to have on screen; Kara, the girl he’s hooking up with and help getting to her one year sobriety mark; and London, the new girl who moves to Venice and ends up getting very close with Dennis and Chip right away.

The interesting part about this show is the realness it portrays. We learn right off the bat that Chip’s story is he killed someone in a drunk driving accident and he’s been sober for 10 years since and trying to be a better person. He gives us a very sympathetic approach, but yet he goes behind Dennis’s back to get close to London and often ditches Kara when she needs him the most. This could be self centered yes, but when you watch him and his daily actions and conversations I think he’s really just trying to do what he wants to do without intentionally hurting anyone. It’s very hard for these close characters to stay mad at him or even believe him at some points, and they often get closer with each other in the process.

I want to say the tone of this series was well put together. It is a side I’ve never seen Will Arnett play before, as he plays a dramatic role that is very personal with other characters and the audience. But it’s not a drama, there are plenty of laughs and subtle things that I felt was very entertaining to watch. As the story unfolds also, there were a few plot twists that I had never thought I would see coming. The writing is definitely very clever and spot on.

I’ll say I’m very impressed by how much this show impacted me in just eight 30 minute episodes. A solid story and great characters really took this a long way. Given the unexpected facts we learn by the last couple of episodes made it so much more than just a normal dramedy. Flaked proves to be a well thought out show with hopefully a return for another season with more episodes. Accompanied with an amazing soundtrack throughout, I’m giving this season a 9/10.

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