Captain America #1: Why Change is Good

“Hail Hydra”. The last haunting words that our famous patriotic super soldier said in the shocking twist of events in the newest series of Captain America

The internet exploded as soon as the issue dropped, with fans of the beloved character blasting Marvel and the writers of this story. Even Chris Evans himself tweeted at the writers saying, ” Hydra?!?!? #sayitaintso”. It makes sense; changing the history of one of our favorite characters who stands for freedom and loyalty to his country, to suddenly becoming the enemy we’ve been fighting since WWII. But with all of this negative feedback, is it really necessary? Here’s why change is good for the character.CAPTAIN AMERICA HYDRA

YES. It’s somewhat disappointing and frustrating to see such a drastic move played out in the pages of an iconic character. Steve Rogers in the comics recently became young again and restored his title and powers from a cosmic cube after he had to hand the mantle to The Falcon and actually become old, losing all of his strength. So with a sleep new costume design and shield, it’s very exciting to see our hero revamped in a new Marvel series.

But the change of his character at the end of the issue shouldn’t be perceived as negative. I mean, what was going to happen? Cap was going to fight the same fight against The Red Skull and Baron Zemo like he’s done for years? Was he doing to share the title with The Falcon and be even more patriotic? This change brings so many new possibilities and ways this character can go now, and that shouldn’t make people afraid or upset.

Whether you like it or not, comics have come a long way since their first initial run. People got upset when Peter Parker died and Doc Ock became The Superior Spider-Man (or the new Ultimate version with Miles Morales). There was backlash when the new Thor changed to female as Jane Foster. Now there is hate with the new Captain America, and there will be many, many more changes throughout other comic series with BOTH Marvel and DC that fans will not approve of. But we have to realize that in order to keep publishing comic books, there HAS to be change. There has to be some sort of new direction with the character or a reincarnation so it can pave way for more stories are are compelling and satisfying, while trying to not repeat itself.

So now the new Captain America is apparently a Hydra Agent. So far it’s perceived that he has been a double agent this whole time, and he is secretly working against SHIELD. But we don’t even know the whole story yet. This is the first issue! These writers know what they are doing. Marvel knows what they are doing. Obviously, they aren’t going to make the world hate Captain America as he is a symbol of comic mythology. There is an end game, and I’m sure it will please everyone. This new change should intrigue people to see WHY exactly Cap is Hydra, or even HOW he was able to hide that? And ultimately, WHAT is Cap’s goal? Is he a double agent to secretly take down Hydra from within? Or is he really against SHIELD? Is he really Cap? There’s so many ways this new story can go, but the fans have to be patient and calm about it.

So in conclusion, we shouldn’t terrorize Marvel and the writers for trying something new. We should sit back, appreciate the new story, and follow along to see where our hero goes. I personally love to see changes instead of re-reading the same basic plot line over and over again. But if they do tarnish the name of Captain America by the end of the series, then I approve of a riot while Marvel tries to fix what they broke. cap2

So what do you think of the new Captain America series? Do you approve of the change? Let me know in the comments below!

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