Microsoft’s E3 Showcase Recap

E3 2016 has officially kicked off beginning yesterday with EA’s and Bethesda’s showcase of their new games and features. Today though, the powerhouse Microsoft took the stage with a large audience dying to find out what they had in store for the coming years. Here is a recap of everything Microsoft covered and what you should be excited for.

Xbox One Slim

To immediately kick things off, Xbox revealed their newest version of their Xbox One: Xbox One Slim. After many rumors, and an actual leaked reveal just the other day, the console was shown off in a sleek and classy manner by showing us that the model is 40% smaller than the original. It is 4k video-compatible, and carries a massive 2TB hard drive. The best thing about it? The console starts at just #299 and releases in August.

Xbox “Play Anywhere”

Microsoft was proud to announce that one of their best new features for most future titles will include a “play anywhere” tagline. This means that for select games that you purchase, you will be able to play them both on Xbox One and Windows 10 without having to buy the separate version. They wanted to branch out so you can literally take your game anywhere, and also have the ability to cross-play between PC and Xbox One.

The Games

Of course everyone wants to know about the game line-up. Did they succeed? There weren’t too many new surprises, but they did offer some in-depth looks at some of their highly-anticipated titles:

  • Gears of War 4: Gears 4 gave us our best look at the newest installment yet. They played a packed-full demo and gave us some insight on the story, revealing a surprise cameo from Marcus Phoenix himself! Gears of War 4 releases on October 11th, 2016.
  • Forza Horizon 3: The newest Forza in the franchise was displayed beautifully, set in the Australian landscape. This game is said to feature the “largest and most diverse” open world yet, featuring campaign co-op mode and the greatest number of cars featured in a Forza game yet. This game drops on September 27th, 2016.
  • ReCore: Though this game was previously announced and a trailer was dropped, we got our first elaborate look at gameplay and some of the robotic counterparts that accompany you in the game. I am personally excited for this game, and we won’t have to wait long because it comes out September 13, 2016.
  • Inside: Limbo developer PlayDead is one of the new Indy titles that Xbox wanted to show off. The game looks intriguing, and will be released on June 29th. You can also download Limbo for free on the marketplace until June 20th.
  • Gwent: The Witcher Card Game: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‘s collectible card game, Gwent, is getting its own game. Some gameplay was shown and it will have multiplayer as well as a single-player campaign.
  • Tekken 7: Coming out early 2017, the single-player cinematic and fighting gameplay will be simultaneously. You can download Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for free during the week of E3.
  • Dead Rising 4: Frank West is back with an all new fun gameplay trailer with a Christmas theme. The game is due for this holiday.
  • Scalebound: An extensive gameplay trailer was shown for Scalebound, now releasing for PC as well as console. It is to be released sometime in 2017.
  • Sea of Thieves: Rare gave us an amazing look at their newest multiplayer game showcasing the vast world of being a pirate.
  • State of Decay 2: Releasing sometime in 2017, the beautiful cinematic trailer brings us back to Trumball Valley with the tagline of “Nobody survives alone” indicating cooperative play.
  • Halo Wars 2: Halo Wars 2 has been announced but we got a brand new trailer as well as release date for February 21st, 2017. An open beta will be available from June 13 to June 20.

Customized Controllers

You can now build and customize your controllers look fully on!

Xbox One New Platforms

Xbox One is lined up to feature a few new platforms across the console and Xbox Live. These features include:

  • Background music while you play your games
  • Language region independence
  • Cortona digital assistance
  • Arena – a tournament platform for users favorite games
  • Clubs – players to create gaming communities
  • Group – players to create “wanted ads” for other players

Xbox One “Project Scorpio”

Due in Holiday 2017, Xbox has confirmed a newer console currently titled “Project Scorpio”. It is set to feature VR capability, higher resolution gaming, and even better tech built inside. There’s not much else known about it other than it is promised to be the “strongest gaming console ever built”.



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