Fun Size Horror

If you’re looking for strange, creepy, horrifying, and even delightfully scary content, then Fun Size Horror is the spot for you. A community of horror-loving filmmakers that aim to seek the best of the genre throughout the web and deliver it personally to you! 

The staff at Fun Size Horror has no judgement and no boundaries of the content they want to share. Whether it is a slasher, an animation, creature feature, or psychologically stunning, as long as it is compelling and entertaining, they want to share it with you. Not only they seek content around the web, but they also produce original content of their own and develop communities for other like-minded filmmakers to be a part of. You may just find your new source of entertainment by reading up on their blog about Friday Night movie recommendations or listening to their podcast.

Perhaps the greatest thing about Fun Size Horror besides their commitment to the genre, is their show of appreciation to other filmmakers. If you are a filmmaker and want to show your film, they have a submit page where you can send them your film and allow them to showcase it on their website. Plus, as a bonus, all submitted films are eligible for promotions, contests, and distribution opportunities. What do you have to lose?

It’s really great to see a thriving online community that takes pride in the magic of filmmaking. I am personally very happy to have discovered these guys, and even more grateful that they have chosen to share my recent short horror film, “There’s Something Down The Road. Be sure to follow them on Twitter at (@FunSizeHorror) and check out their website for a galore of horror content your brain can be overwhelmed with. Be on the look out for these guys as I’m sure they’ll be whipping up a buzz online soon enough.

If you like our film, please give it a LIKE and a SHARE on YouTube, we would love to continue on the story 🙂


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