The Cabin’s Eyes (Cabin On The Net)

Making a movie is hard. Getting your movie seen and shared around the world is harder. The Cabin On The Net is an independent online horror publication dedicated to promoting the horror genre of all kinds from written material, to indie films and Hollywood blockbusters. They are based in the United Kingdom, and recently they just launched their sister site, The Cabin’s Eyes

The Cabin’s Eyes is a special shout out to all independent horror filmmakers and creators alike. They aim to showcase people’s work to a much broader audience that they typically may not be able to get exposure to. The showcased work not only gives the viewer content to watch or read, but also a small review of the creation and a personal connection that shows they really are excited about independent content just as much as any big production out there. They are also looking to extend these promotions by offering interviews for the creators to get a better insight on their work.

Today, The Cabin’s Eyes was gracious enough to give a special shout out to us and our recently released horror short film, “There’s Something Down The Road“. Our film recently played in the Knoxville Horror Film Festival and was nominated for best regional film. Our main goal is to get people to watch, share, and talk about the film in hopes for more interest in the story. We want to expand on this tale of The Stranger in a full feature film adaptation, and our friends on The Cabin On The Net is already showing full support.

If you have a film or piece of horror content that you are looking to share and get more exposure, contact The Cabin On The Net at with a small message to see what they can do! Please give them a FOLLOW on Twitter also (@cabinonthenet). For all horror and movie lovers, please check out our film and leave us a LIKE and SHARE if you really enjoyed the film. Thank you!


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