Empire Music: Russell Lee

From the heart of Winnipeg, Canada merges an upcoming country rock artist named Russell Lee. Lee, who released his album What Do I Do in 2014, has been on the rise with a recent string of playing shows at large events, a successful album release, and releasing a heartwarming music video of his single, “Picture”. 

If you are a fan of southern country rock, you will most likely be familiar with the sound structure of Russell Lee. Hints of influences from infamous musicians such as Johnny Cash and Matt Mays will linger throughout your ears as you listen to the kind melody in each track of What Do I Do. For myself growing up in the South, I have heard a wide variety of different kinds of tunes that are sometimes haunting. But for Lee, it feels like a southern gentleman singing about life, love, and truth. russell-lee-hr

His single, “Picture” reminisces about who we are as people. The idea of looking back at an old photo not only speaks a thousand words, but reminds us of how happy, sad, excited, or whatever emotion we were feeling that day. The light hearted track captures the tone with not only his lyrics, but with the help of a simple acoustic guitar and a catchy harmonica (which you don’t hear much of anymore these days).

Personally, a track that resonates with me on his album is “Never Know Your Name” which Lee’s voice grows stronger after each verse. His fellow musicians behind him really shine bright in this track as all sounds collide into one powerful story of loss and love. You can tell that Lee strives to bring honesty and craftsmanship into his songwriting.

Lee continues to play throughout Canada, recently playing at Canada Day festival in 2015 as well as performing a full set-list at the world-renowned Dauphin, Manitoba CountryFest. Looking into 2017, Lee is hoping to expand his audience reach by playing even more shows throughout Canada and in the United States. I believe when people start to hear his soulful music, he may just find the reach he is looking for.

What Do I Do is available now to stream fully on SoundCloud here:

Also check out his newest music video for his single “Picture” and let him know what you think!

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