Last Letters: Nothing To Write Home About EP Review

A Sweet Reminiscent 

Growing up in middle and high school I listened to a lot of punk rock, emo, and pop music. Specifically bands like blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World, and Say Anything; which all brought a bit of joy and range of emotions throughout each song and album they produced. When you listen to a band that feels like it directly speaks to you, then you’re listening to something good. Stumbling upon Last Letters, a singer/songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts, I feel like I’ve found an old part of me and the longing for something more.

Last Letters is debuting his EP release, Nothing To Write Home About, to the world via SoundCloud as well as an official release on iTunes and Spotify on November 11th. With a pop-punk sound of lyrics that constantly remind you of that girl you’re crushing on, the nostalgic familiarity catches on quickly. “Twenty-Two” brings light to the life of young man in love who’s constantly facing the battle of uncertainty and yearning. What I really enjoy about each track is the fast-paced rhythm of instruments that carries along with each story. Strong bass line intros remind me of Mark Hoppus taking lead in many songs. The overall shift of tones set the mood for each track, and it’s hard to do that for most bands.img_0320

You will find Nothing To Write Home About as a solid seven-track EP all around. I really enjoyed the personal feel to each song, and even the short intro “Hold On” opens things up with a nice acoustic glimmer of hope. Other notable tracks are certainly “One Cannon”, which is a powerful journey of emotion and catchy hooks; “Then And Now” reminds me of a fun punk band playing in a small garage jamming along with soulful lyrics. But by far, one of the best tracks on the EP has to be “The Girl Next Door” which, to me, is a straight homage to blink-182’s Enema of the State. Anytime you’re singing about the hot girl next door catching you spy on her in inappropriate ways, it’s definitely fun. The references to Jimmy Eat World and The Starting Line is a huge plus too.

Overall, Last Letters seems to be promising in this stage of his music career. An EP that brings love, youthfulness, and fun into each track is bound to be something special. As I said before, it has reminded me a lot of my earlier days when I would relate to the songs I listened to in my CD player on the bus to school each morning. Wherever Last Letters ends up, we hope to be a part of the journey and support his music along the way. You can stream Nothing To Write Home About fully on SoundCloud right now, with the EP officially being release on iTunes and Spotify on November 11th.

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