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Burrito Bloggers Music Monday (1/30/17)

Everyone here at El Burrito Blog wanted to give you some songs to start your week off right.

The Good Place: Season 1 Review

Taking a look at NBC’s new show, The Good Place. Is it any good at all?

Power Rangers Trailer Review

After that exciting new trailer for Power Rangers, how excited are you? Ryne is here to discuss his thoughts.

Who is “The Last Jedi”?

Star Wars fan theory: Who is The Last Jedi in Episode 8? Ryne is here to discuss.

Split – Review

We take a look at M. Night Shyamalan’s newest thriller, Split and how insane it actually is.

A Re-Visitation of Thrice: The Alchemy Index Vol: I-IV

Rekindling the past with Thrice.

A Series of Unfortunate Events – Review

Netflix’s adaption of A Series of Unfortunate Events is both enjoyable, and unfortunate.

Will The Nintendo Switch Be Nintendo’s Best Console?

Ryne Brown gives his thoughts about the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch

The Flaming Lips – Ozcy Mlody Review

Dive deep into the new wave of music by The Flaming Lips with Mark

NFL Playoff Preview

Written by Ryne Brown Another great NFL season has come and gone, which always seems to be over quicker than it started. We have had some amazing games this year. It’s only fitting that some of the best games we’ve had this year will be on showcase again. Each Divisional playoff game features a rematch […]
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