Legends of Tomorrow (Season One) Review

Ever since the start of the CW’s Arrow, DC entertainment has been able to successfully launch a full on shared universe of other heroes like The Flash, more recently Supergirl, and a large team up consisting of both heroes and villains, Legends of Tomorrow. All four of these shows manage to hold together solid story lines on their own, and occasionally cross over events and appearances with each other. Although the current season of Legends is on season two, we’ve recently finished the first to discuss how the series holds up overall. 

Legends of Tomorrow introduces the time travel Rip Hunter to the Arrowverse, seeking out a group of “legends” to help him stop the immortal Vandal Savage from destroying and ruling the world in his future. His noble cause is largely placed in front of heroes like the former Black Canary (now turned White Canary), The Atom, Hawkgirl and Hawkman, Firestorm, and villains Captain Cold and Heatwave. However, the selfish root of Rip Hunter is to save his family from dying, which we would literally do anything immoral to do so.

As our legends travel through time and history, they must try to track Vandal Savage and foil his constant plans like buying nuclear warheads, mentoring a young man who will aid him in destroying the planet, and reminding Hawkgirl of her past life because he too, loves her in his own sick way. Unfortunately the clunky structure of the show and large cast makes it a little hard to stay fully invested throughout the first season’s sixteen episodes. On the flip side, we are also given some great moments of time like the 70’s where a young Professor Stein is a pot head genius, or a future in Star City where Old Man Oliver is living in the shadows.

We are given a large cast, who yes are individually unique and special in their own ways, but who are also given a lot of drama and story arcs that are constantly being told. For example, Captain Cold struggles throughout the thought of being a hero when he knows his roots are bad. The Atom and Hawkgirl develop a relationship, but go on and off of the idea of a future because of her past love with Hawkman. These kind of drama arcs fit well individually, but throws the show off course while they are in the middle of a large scale battle.


The real pleasure of this show is the acting. Brandon Routh as The Atom is an absolute joy to see with his smart wits and humor. Wentworth Miller though in my opinion, steals the show. I really enjoyed his character throughout the series and loved his portrayal. The chemistry between him and Dominic Purcell works really well together as partners in crime. The rest of the cast holds up really well and never flat line except for the occasional cheesy dialogue.

I will say the introduction of some lesser known characters like Jonah Hex is really cool. The fact that Rip mentions he’s seen “men of steel die, and the darkest knights fall”, point to the larger scale of heroes that we all know and enjoy (although Superman is now introduced thanks to Supergirl). As noted before, season two is currently on TV. By the looks of it and the ending to season one, the Justice Society of America will play a large role in the season as well as bringing back old villains like Reverse Flash and Damien Darhk. It’s nice to see this show has the capacity to introduce more and more heroes and villains, I just hope that it doesn’t overload and breaks the magic of the show.

Legends of Tomorrow (Season One) – 7.5/10

Did you enjoy Legends? What is your favorite DC TV show?

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