The OA Review

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Netflix is no stranger when it comes to original content. With hits like Orange Is The New Black, the entire Marvel Series, and more recently, Stranger Things, it seems like Netflix isn’t going away any time soon and we should expect even bigger things. The OA is one of their newest original series which blends elements of drama, mystery, science-fiction, and fantasy. It’s a brave concept and easy to get lost and memorized by, but it just might leave us with more questions than answers. 

The OA is about a woman named Prairie that mysteriously reappears in her home town after being gone for seven years. The biggest kick out of it, is that she can see again after being blind her entire childhood. With the town, media, and most of all her parents, are dumbfounded by this phenomenon, they are more concerned of why she won’t tell her story, and why she calls herself The OA.


There is obviously something wrong with Prairie as she can see, has horrific scars on her back, doesn’t like to be touched, and says very strange things. The first episode introduces the emotional and mysterious tone from the start and works slowly to set everything up. Here we are introduced to a small range of supporting characters, each with their own personal stories of how they are trying to fit into the world. With these group of four high school kids, and one older teacher, she gathers them to tell her story of who she is and what she needs them to do.

The OA works both in past and present as this story unfolds. As The OA recalls her tale to her group of friends, we are given a harsh and real look at the horrific situation she was in. The scientist, Hap, acts as her captor along with four other strangers who all share a special ability. As he experiments and studies the individuals, things begin to make more sense in the present. However, given the scale of these ideas and images, just as we think we are getting closer to the truth of things, we are pulled right back out into the dark.


Probably the best thing I love about this show is how real it feels. All episodes are directed by Zal Batmanglij, and he will take you to the ground level of realism with each character and element to the series. I especially enjoyed the sequences with the younger students because they say and do things I could picture when I was in high school. With this show being so real, and the music being so powerful to accompany it, expect an emotional concern for most of these characters as you desperately hope they find what they are looking for.

There’s so much potential for this show it’s hard not to love it for what it is. I was taken back by the story structure, and I was left with more questions than answers by the last episode, but I will say after each episode I liked it more and wanted to know what happened. I feel like the show misses in a few good opportunities to explain things further and by leaving us so abruptly, but maybe that was the intention all along. I am surely expecting a follow up season within the next year or so.

I don’t want to spoil the surprises for you, part of the magic is being confused by it. I would definitely recommend watching The OA, especially with there only being eight episodes.

Final Score: 8/10

Did you watch The OA? What did you think of the show?

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