Will The Nintendo Switch Be Nintendo’s Best Console?

Written by Ryne Brown, Follow him on Twitter @RynekBrown

For the past 30+ years, Nintendo has been one of the top companies in the video game industry.

They have created some of the most interesting and wonderful characters we all have come to know and love. When the Nintendo first launched the Nintendo Entertainment System(NES) in the 1980’s, it was something every home wanted to have. Through the years each console Nintendo released has set the precedent for other consoles. In my honest opinion, Nintendo has been one of the most innovative and influential companies ever.

Without Nintendo, their consoles, and their wonderful characters, we might not have the Xbox or PlayStation. With the upcoming Nintendo Switch releasing in March, Nintendo looks to get back into the spotlight as the main console everyone will want to own.

After hearing the initial rumors about the Switch, codenamed Nintendo NX at the time, being a home console with the capability of being portable as well, my first reaction was Nintendo did it again. When the Switch releases it is going to give us a whole new dynamic for video games.

No longer will we be tied down to our couch or favorite chair to play a round of Mario Kart or go on an adventure with Link. Now we will be able to go out to our local parks, coffee shops or even meet up with friends like the old days of the Nintendo 64 to play our games together instead of being locked away from the world. Setting this new precedent where we no longer have to stay inside to game, is something I think will be adopted in some way by other video game companies.

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The tablet like screen will be a comfortable feel to the non console gamer that’s maybe used to playing on a iPad or Galaxy Tab from Samsung. This is sure to bring in a new generation and I’m sure it will be a console they love and enjoy.

The first console I spent a lot of time with was the Nintendo 64. I remember my games not working and all I had to do was blow on the cartridge and like magic, it started working again. When Nintendo officially announced that the Switch would be using ROM based cartridges, the nostalgia instantly kicked in taking me back to the great days of video games. In the day and age of disk based format, you hear a lot about laser burn or the disc becoming scratched where the game is unplayable. Either you have to pay a good amount of cash to get it fixed or buy another copy all together. With this, we don’t have to worry about scratches or cracks, we just need to keep a handy bottle of a high percentage alcohol to clean the pins on the cartridge.

We should never have to worry about our games not working due to damage ever again. Yes they may be small and easy to misplace or lose, but I would rather run the risk of misplacing the game than it being scratched or cracking. There are plenty of ways will be able to keep track of the cartridge, I’m sure there will be a game case accessory released, similar to what they have made in the past for the DS games. I think this is a step forward and backward at the same time. Were going back to an older technology that’s been around for years, but it always seemed to work better in the long run for game protection. I am all in for Cartridge based games.

There are many other fantastic features with the Nintendo Switch to make it a top console to own this spring. The new Joy-Con controllers bring back the feel and style of the Wii Motes with an upgrade. By being able to hold the controllers in your hand, attaching them to a controller style peripheral, or even attaching to the side of the Tablet like screen of the Switch. It gives you three unique way to play the system, because we all know not all gamers have the same style of play. It brings the console players, motion gaming players, and mobile gamers all together to form a new awesome community. There will also be a Pro Controller, similar to the Wii U that will be released for the hardcore gamers that love a controller based system.

Everyone here at El Burrito Blog is excited to have the chance of picking up one of these on March 3rd. At a price of $299.99, it is worth every cent. The Switch is what Nintendo needed to release to become relevant again for the casual and hardcore gamers. This is a big step forward for Nintendo and will be one of the best systems they’ve ever released. I have been on all three sides on the video game world. From being an avid Nintendo fan and player for many years, I always have loved the Xbox and their multiplayer gaming as well as PlayStation’s exclusive single player titles. For me, I think this will make Nintendo my outright favorite as they are bringing back the things that made them great and building a new identity for themselves and their fans.

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