Power Rangers Trailer Review

Written by: Ryne Brown, Follow him on Twitter: @rynekbrown and on Twitch: Ryne_Time


The recent release of the official trailer for Saban’s Power Rangers gave us so much stuff! We got our first look at Zordon played by the talented and amazing Bryan Cranston, Alpha 5 who is being voiced by Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader, the new Megazords, as well as the Rangers in action against the revamped Putty Patrol.

I like to call myself a hardcore Power Rangers fan. I’ve watched every episode multiple times since I was a kid, all the way up into adulthood. Not just the original series either, I’ve done my very best to at least give each new Ranger season a shot. This is a very different take on the Rangers I grew up with but one that I am very excited to see play out on screen. Let’s break it down and talk about the newest footage from one of 2017’s most anticipated films.


The trailer begins similar to how the teaser trailer started. We get introduced to the new “Teenagers with Attitude” and how they are all in the same place when they find the Power Coins. This leads to them discovering the Command Center where we get our first glimpse of Zordon and Alpha 5. In this new version it seems the Command Center is an alien ship, presumably Zordon’s, that was buried centuries ago. It falls in line with earlier reports that Zordon was the original Red Ranger during the time of the dinosaurs.

We see quick shots of Rita Repulsa causing havoc and mayhem. We actually get a good shot of her staff and it looks like a popular theory was confirmed with this trailer. Rita Repulsa is in possession of the Green Ranger Power Coin. Now how that plays into the plot of the film and if that means Rita was once a Ranger, that one will have to wait till March for an answer.


The trailer then switches to a rendition of Kanye West’s “Power”. Honestly I could’ve done without this song, as it doesn’t fit well with Power Rangers. It seemed out of place to me and the only negative thing I can say about the trailer. I didn’t let it distract me as we hear Jason say “It’s Morphing Time”. We then get our first full shot of the new Power Rangers on screen as well as them fighting against Rita Repulsa’s Putty Patrol. These are some really cool shots and the Rangers suits look great. They keep a lot of the original design but with a more alien like look to the suits.

Now the big part of the trailer, literally, is we get to see all the Zords in full showcase. Something new and interesting that they’ve chosen to do with the Rangers is when they are in the cockpit of their Zords, their visors retract so we can see their face. Similar to how we saw the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers at some points during the show. The Zords look pretty sweet and they are huge! I first thought Michael Bay was directing this film because the Zords and action sequence of the film looked like something out of Transformers.


In the closing moments of the trailer, we get to see one of the classic MMPR villains and that’s Goldar! One of the most revamped characters in this new film is him. He is this huge monster completely made of gold. Hopefully they explain this in a way that makes sense to the story because I was looking forward to seeing Goldar and Jason go at it like the original series. The trailer closes with the fully formed Megazord going up against Goldar in what sure is to be a climatic battle.

We can’t wait for this movie to come out March 24th and I’ll be the first one at my local theater to check it out. I’ll probably just set up a campsite considering I’ve been waiting for this type of Power Rangers film for years now. They have an amazing cast and I think this is going to be a big hit among fans and new fans alike.

Be sure to leave a comment on your thoughts about the trailer and what you hope to see from the film. As always, May the Power protect you!

By Ryne Brown, follow me on twitter @rynekbrown

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