The Good Place: Season 1 Review


Written by: Nicholas S. Cram, Follow him on Instagram @instacram19

At some point, we all ask ourselves “What happens to us when we die?” The Good Place, NBC’s new sitcom offers a whimsical and unique take on the afterlife.

Kristen Bell portrays the character Eleanor Shellstrop, who awakens in a strange place where she is greeted by Michael(Ted Danson) only to find out her life on Earth had come to an abrupt end. Because of Eleanor’s good actions on Earth, however, she gets to enter “The Good Place.”

After the tour of the Good Place she is taken to her house, (built specifically to her earthly preferences: a small cottage with obscene amounts of clown decorum, located next to her neighbor’s glamorous mansion) Eleanor is introduced to her soulmate Chidi, an ethics professor on earth with a long bill of good deeds that earned him his spot in the Good Place.  Paradise comes to a screeching halt when Eleanor confides in Chidi, and reveals to the audience, that she never actually did any of the things that got her to the Good Place.

Someone “forked” up! (no profanity is allowed in the Good Place, so any attempt to swear is automatically verbalized as “fork” or “shirt” etc.) Eleanor then proceeds to reveal what she was REALLY like on Earth: She was selfish, abrasive, her job was to sell useless supplements to the elderly and sick, and all around just a terrible being with little or no regard for others.  She convinces Chidi to help her conceal the obvious mistake that she was not supposed to be in the Good Place. Using his knowledge of ethics, they begin the arduous uphill task of turning Eleanor into a good person deserving of being in the Good Place.

The show debuted in September 2016, and it’s first season concluded January 19th. It is a brilliantly well-written show, with MANY plot twists and turns that will turn your brain inside out.  The entire first season is available to stream on Hulu. I highly advise binge watching the entire thing. You won’t regret it!




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