Burrito Bloggers Music Monday (1/30/17)

Everyone here at El Burrito Blog decided to put out our picks for some great songs you should jam out to start the week off right. 

Below is our picks, so sit back and give them a listen and enjoy!

“Sun” by The Hotelier

Picked by Burrito Blogger August Aguilar (@AugustAA92, YouTube)

“So Long, Lonesome” by Explosions in the Sky

Picked by Burrito Blogger Alexa Boggs (@alexaboggs)

“Reagan” by Killer Mike

Picked by Burrito Blogger Mark Glotzbach (@markglotzbach)

“Fairly Local” by Twenty-One Pilots

Picked by Burrito Blogger Dallas Ray Malone (@Dally_Rama)

“Fresh Blood” by Eels

Picked by Burrito Blogger Frank Aguilar

“Down” by Marian Hill

Picked by Burrito Blogger Ryne Brown (@rynekbrown)

“Come Near Me” by Massive Attack ft. Ghostpoet

Picked by Burrito Blogger Nicholas S. Cram (@instacram19)

That is all for our Music Monday picks! Do you have a favorite? Maybe wanting to check out one of these artists? Let us know what you like to listen to!


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