Burrito Bloggers Weekend Watch

It’s Friday night! Unsure what to watch? Call in the pizza and turn on Netflix because we’ve got you covered for some great picks for the weekend, selected by our very own Burrito Bloggers.

All titles available on Netflix!

Santa Clarita Diet – Netflix Original

Picked by Burrito Blogger Nicholas S. Cram (Instagram @instacram19)

Drew Barrymore stars with Timothy Olyphant as a married couple, when Drew Barrymore has some….Strange things… happen to her and her dining preferences. Stay tuned for the review soon!

The People vs O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

Picked by Burrito Blogger Ryne Brown (Twitter: @rynekbrown)

Based upon Jeffrey Toobins book “The Run of His Life: The People vs O.J. Simpson” stars Cuba Gooding Jr. in the title role that centers on his alleged murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman along with the heavily televised trial in 1995. The first in FX’s new standalone series season similar to American Horror Story.

Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekend

Picked by Burrito Blogger Mark Glotzbach (@markglotzbach)

A nerdy British guy goes around doing mini documentaries on aspects of American culture in the late 90’s. Only 6 episodes on Netflix but I loved it.

Take The 10 – Netflix Original

Picked by Burrito Blogger August Aguilar (Twitter @AugustAA92)

Josh Peck (Drake and Josh), stars in this buddy comedy when he gets involved with stolen money and drugs, a pissed off boyfriend, and an illegal work scheme…all to go to a concert.

About Scout

Picked by Burrito Blogger Alexa Boggs (Twitter: @aleaboggs)

A touching tale of two misfits coming together as a new kind of family.

Have you watched any of these picks? Did you decide to try one out? Let us know in the comments!

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