Burrito Bloggers Weekend Watch (2/24/17)

The weekend is finally here! After those long shifts at work and the business of the week, it’s time to get nice and cozy with your best friend Netflix for the weekend. 

Having trouble on deciding what to watch? The Burrito Blogger staff have you covered! The picks below are titles that have been enjoyable for our members and think that others may have interest in. The ratings will range for all ages.

All titles below are available on Netflix!

Seven Deadly Sins – Netflix Original Anime (TV-14)

Picked by Burrito Blogger Mark Glotzbach (@markglotzbach)

So far just one season and a  4-part mini series are out, but it’s super entertaining. It follows a group of non-human warriors including a Demon, an immortal, a fairy, a giant woman and a talking pig as they reunite their team and take on the corrupted holy knights of the kingdom. It’s definitely geared towards a more adult audience and can be a tad raunchy at time, I went through episodes like they were potato chips.

Black Mirror – Netflix Original (TV-MA)

Picked by Burrito Blogger Max Newman

Any episode of this sci-fi anthology will keep you captivated. One main theme is how technology may be used for dark purposes, and it’s amazing how believable the stories are. If you like The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, Tales from the Dark Side, etc you’ll enjoy this modern version.

D2: The Mighty Ducks (PG)

Picked by Burrito Blogger Ryne Brown (@rynekbrown)

“Ducks Fly Together!” One of my favorite 90’s film series. D2 picks up a few months after the original Mighty Ducks ended. Gordon Bombay is back in Minneapolis after an injury in the minor Hockey leagues and is asked to become the head coach of Team USA for the Junior Goodwill Games. Bombay rounds up all the Mighty Ducks along with a few other star athletes from across the country. The best in the Mighty Ducks series it’s worth a watch this weekend. Quack! Quack! Quack!

The Overnight (R)

Picked by Burrito Blogger Alexa Boggs (@alexaboggs)

Two sets of parents have an erotic yet weird encounter with one another after they put their kids to sleep. The story gives a new meaning to “keeping the marriage alive”. Although the Netflix rating is only a mere two stars, how can you go wrong with Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling?

Flaked – Netflix Original (TV-MA)

Picked by Burrito Blogger August Aguilar (@AugustAA92)

Flaked is a show I watched last summer that stars Will Arnett as a recovering alcoholic with a troubling past. The setting is in the beautiful area of Venice Beach, California, and he has a small group of friends who accompany him with his business, relationships, and trying to stay clean. There are mild mature themes, but the humor and story of the show displays great writing. Each episode is only a half hour long also! For more, check out a review I did here.


Have any suggestions you would like to point out? Let us know in the comments below! Happy Friday!

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