Pokemon GO Generation 2 is Here!

Written by Ryne Brown, Follow him on Twitter @rynekbrown

If you don’t know by now or are living under a rock like Patrick Star, then you’ve heard that Niantic officially released Generation 2 Pokemon into Pokemon GO!

Originally found in the games Pokemon Gold and Silver, Gen 2 has been out for a little over a week and has introduced us to 80 new Pokemon, Evolution items, new berries, and other new features that has seem to brought back some of the player base that left a couple of months after the game was released.

I’ve been on a hardcore grind catching all these new Pokemon, like all the starters (Cyndaquil, Chikorita, and Totadile) which instead of us choosing a starter like we did when you officially start the game, we have to go out and catch them. The game has taken a lot of my time up personally along with my other friends due to the fact we’ve been itching to catch new Pokemon for months.


Some of the fantastic new features in the game include the new Evolution Items needed to evolve certain Pokemon to their next form. These items include Metal Coat, Sun Stone, Kings Rock, Dragon Scale, and Upgrade. These have been extremely difficult to come by. The only way to get them is to swipe Poke Stops and hope you’re lucky enough to get one.

So far I’ve acquired 3 of these(1 Metal Coat,2 Sun Stones). One of my favorite new things about the update is that the catch screen now has easier access to choosing between a Pokeball, Great Ball, or an Ultra ball as well has the option to choose what berry you want to use on your Pokemon. Speaking of Berries we were introduced to 2 new berries. The Pinap berry which gives you double candies if you catch the Pokemon you use it on and the Nanab berry which calms the Pokemon down and stop it from moving so much so you can get a better capture.


Two new region exclusive Pokemon were introduced to the game juist like Mr. Mime, Kangaskhan, and Farfetch’d for Generation one. Heracross seems to be exclusive to South America and the Southern Part of Florida as well as Corsolla who seems to only spawn near Coral areas of the World, but can be caught in south Florida. Sounds like I’ll be making a trip to Florida this Summer!

The only shocking thing to me is that we still do not have our Legendary birds, Mewtwo or Mew yet. Generation 2 is in full effect but we still haven’t been able to catch my favorite Legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo yet. I hope Ninatic gets the ball rolling on it soon because I can’t wait to encounter them.

The new update has been out for over a week now and I’ve had a ton of fun with it. My Joto Pokedex is at 72 with an overall Pokedex of 215. I’m at Level 33 representing Team Valor for anyone interested in my progress. I’ve completed the North America Generation One Dex outside of the regional exclusives so I’m hard at work on Generation 2 until I can travel to those other countries and catch them. I love this game so much and feel like this is what every Pokemon fan wanted as a kid. Niantic hit a home run and I can’t wait too see what they do next with this wonderful game.

Now it’s time to get back at it and continue my great Pokemon Adventure and Catch ‘Em All.


Author: rynekbrown

Love writing about entertainment, comics and sports! Also a punk rock music fan!

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