Let’s Talk About Logan

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The final chapter in the Wolverine saga debuted this past weekend, embarking Hugh Jackman to unleash the claws one last glorious time. 

One Last Time

As most of you know, Logan is the third solo Wolverine movie which puts Hugh Jackman as the front man for the X-Men franchise for the seventeenth year. Though fans can’t imagine another actor playing the iconic character as well as Jackman does, this is one hell of a way to send him off for good.

Logan takes place in the year 2029, where there are no mutants to be found and Wolverine (now going by James Howlett) is caring for an aging and distant Professor X with the help of Caliban. Immediately from the very first scene, we are shown a very different Wolverine than we’re used to. He is much older, weaker, tired, beaten, and his spirit is broken. His wounds take longer to heal, his claws can’t even retract fully, and he’s given up hope for the world and himself.


Though he’s not as strong and quick as he used to be, Logan’s anger is still there. His rage can fuel him in a fight, and this movie shows that very clearly from the get go. James Mangold (the director) wanted to make sure to give the fans and the character what they deserved by showing the merciless, brutal, and deadly ways that Wolverine can slice and dice people. When I say this movie is violent and graphic, I mean it is VIOLENT and GRAPHIC. Claws are clearly shoved into people’s neck, face, and eyes, and limbs are cut clean off. I am personally a fan of this genre, but those with weak stomachs and especially kids should not watch this movie anytime soon.

Despite how violent this film is, it is beautifully shot and provides a great story that gives Wolverine one more mission in his life. When a new mutant that resembles Wolverine shows up, which is a much younger version of X-23, Professor X and Logan are forced to travel and take the girl to North Dakota where there is apparently a safe haven for her and other mutants that are hiding out.


If there is one thing Logan remarkably succeeds at, it is the emotion behind the story and characters of the film. Obviously the pain behind Logan’s eyes and physical appearance is shown, his scars prove that his body is weak and tired. The elderly Professor X is so out of his mind sometimes it is very easy to relate to anyone who may have had a family member suffer from Alzheimer’s or something else that suffers the brain.  And of course, X-23 is a young and impressionable child, and after Logan realizes that she is an experiment just like he was, he tries to show her not to be the weapon they created.

After watching these characters interact, and the struggle and pain they go through on their journey, I was truly sad watching the film. But not sad in a bad way, I was just feeling the emotion and it made me so much more invested in the story. I felt bad to see Logan in such bad shape, and I wanted nothing more to have a happy ending for all of them.


*Warning* Spoilers Will Follow Now

If you were like me and was looking for some sort of hope at the end of the film that there is a sign for more Hugh Jackman to come, sadly that is not the case.

By the end of the movie, Logan is at the edge of his life and it makes it much worse when an exact clone of himself named X-24 enters the picture. This younger, faster, stronger, and darker version of Wolverine is a monster. He shreds Logan limb from limb and even kills Professor X.

Although X-23 manages to stop him, Logan is at his dying breath and he knows it. The irony of the situation is that he suffers so much pain, I think he is happy he finally gets to close his eyes for good and rest. The emotion is raw and real here, with X-23 even calling him “Daddy” and us seeing the last moment we’ll ever see Hugh Jackman dawn the claws.

A proper burial service is given by X-23 and her fellow mutant friends that Wolverine promised to get her to, and she flips the cross into an “X” to mark his grave. Thus marks the end of an era, a legacy, and an amazing character.


Though Wolverine is gone, at least Hugh Jackman’s version, the X-Men franchise will carry on. With multiple films being planned out such as Deadpool 2, X-Force, New Mutants, and now maybe even an X-23 film, more stories will be told and the universe will continue to grow. Will it ever be the same without Jackman? Probably not. But we will never take his movies for granted.

As sad as it is to bear the truth, Logan was a perfect goodbye to Jackman and Wolverine. The film overall was powerful and filled with emotion. James Mangold did an amazing job to set such a somber tone. The violence is clearly there, but we are finally given the brute strength and attitude that Wolverine is capable of. X-23 was very cool in the movie and she was introduced really well, so I’m very hopeful they can carry on a future story with her one day.

But hey, maybe Marvel and Fox can come up with a deal to let Hugh Jackman play Wolverine in the MCU to team up with The Avengers, but that’s wishful thinking!

Final Score: 9.5/10



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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Logan

  1. I first discovered Wolverine way back in the late 70s. I was probably around 9yrs old when I became a fan and saved up my money to buy XMEN ISSUE #94. What appealed to me about him was that he didn’t talk and act like other characters at the time I was collecting comics. I’m about to turn 46 and I still have that comic and those memories..for now.

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