Power Rangers Review

Go Go Power Rangers!

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It’s Morphin Time

At long last, the modern contemporary reboot of the beloved childhood franchise Power Rangers has hit theaters in hopes to capture the love of both long time fans and the new generation of kids growing up. With 20+ years of television, films, games, and merchandise, and a high standard as is, the stakes are high; but the new rangers are most definitely welcomed into our world.


Power Rangers is based off of the original series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The original five rangers: Jason (Red), Billy (Blue), Kimberly (Pink), Trini (Yellow), and Zack (Black). These “teenagers with attitude” are selected by Zordon (a former Red Ranger himself) to protect the universe from Rita Repulsa who seeks to destroy Earth and let her monsters rule. While this new version heavily focuses on these young heroes and how they are all a little messed up in their own ways, it’s up to them and Zordon’s and Alpha’s training to be able to become the Power Rangers.

To start things off, I want to clearly say that I very much enjoyed the new style and direction this modern franchise is going. We aren’t given the cheesy young kids on television anymore; the tone and characters of this movie are much darker and mature than we are used to. It’s a great start, because we should think realistically with this kind of story. Jason is the high school football star who screws up by pulling a school prank, eventually going on a high speed chase from police and wrecking his car. Billy made a home made bomb in his lunchbox and it blew up at school. These are just some of the things that were touched on to show what kind of characters we are dealing with.


Ultimately though, this movie is not about being Power Rangers, it’s about finding a family and people they can trust on. The five Rangers are all strangers in the beginning; but as fate would have it, they all connect in one moment that brings them the Ranger coins and starts their journey. From all of the dialogue, interpersonal connections, and backgrounds of each character, they are a little reluctant, but not opposed, to be best friends from the get-go. However, over the course of their training, and actually opening up to each other, they find that they may all have more things in common than they think.

While the personal dynamics between each character is important, and interesting for that matter, as I said before it is the bulk of the movie. There is a moment in the movie after they are training that it feels like we can move on to the next phase of morphing into their suits. Instead, we are given another half hour of complaining why they can’t morph and how they aren’t really friends at all. It will ultimately take another major instance to occur for them all to connect and FINALLY be able to morph for the last 30 minutes of the movie.


When the Rangers are finally able to morph, the action is indeed pumped up. You can tell it’s very new, it’s not what you will be used to from the first saga of Rangers. As you’ve noticed, the suits are symbiotic; alien technology that morphs all around their bodies. These heavily armored rangers are now much more bulkier in size and seem to have a little awkwardness to their fighting styles. Their individual Zords were pretty cool; and I enjoyed being able to see them all fight on their own to take on Goldar. However, the MegaZord itself to me, was just a little off. I’m hoping the design of it for the next few movies will be a little tweaked, it wasn’t terrible by all means but it didn’t look stunning for my tastes.


Finally, Rita Repulsa was the Jared Leto of Suicide Squad. I don’t understand why we have to keep getting villains that look like meth heads in our favorite franchises. Elizabeth Banks played a good job, and she was indeed scary at some points of the movie. But the gold teeth, the weird gestures, and the sexy attitude and look she was trying to pull off just felt like it didn’t belong. I would have rather have the big hat wearing Rita version. Brian Cranston played a great Zordon, at some points I thought it was Heisenberg talking through the walls to the rangers. I even enjoyed Bill Hader as Alpha 5. Each of the Rangers all acted very well also, I thought they fit their characters perfectly. Especially Billy, he will most likely be the heart of the movie for most.

Power Rangers succeeds at being the modern reboot we’ve needed. We have been looking for more Power Ranger action with some darker tones for a long time. The fact that they have already mentioned the Zeo Crystals says that we are going to have a Zeo saga at some point (probably the next trilogy, for they’ve already announced a 6-part movie series). And if you haven’t already guessed, yes, Tommy Oliver will be in the sequel to become THE GREEN RANGER. With a little reworks to the fighting styles, the designs of the costumes or mega zords, and much more action, we are looking for a fantastic franchise ahead of us.

Final Score: 7.5/10

Did you see Power Rangers? What did you think of the film? Let us know in the comments below!

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