Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Review

Gladiator Hulk vs Thor!

At long last, we finally got our first look at the highly anticipated film, Thor: Ragnarok!

The trailer debuted yesterday, resulting with the internet and fans going crazy over the excitement of not only the fun tone of the movie, but the reveal of the Hulk with his infamous Gladiator Hulk armor.

Thor: Ragnarok is the third film in the Thor solo adventures, with Ragnarok literally meaning “the Doom of the Gods”. Kevin Feige has stated many times that this film will be a major key in Phase 3 of the MCU due to the cosmic forces at hand and leading to Avengers: Infinity War.


As a fan of Thor, I am really excited to see this movie. The first film was very good, and The Dark World was just okay, but ultimately Thor has been a great character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chris Hemsworth plays the role perfectly, and as we’ve seen from Age of Ultron and his absence in Civil War, he has a lot of unanswered questions and duties in mind that he has to attend to.

From the look of the trailer, it looks like Thor has been captured during his travel back to Asgard. In his captivity he is stripped from his mighty hammer Mjolnir, and even his majestic long hair and given some gladiator armor and FINALLY his helmet to be thrown into an arena…only to find his good friend Bruce Banner AKA The Incredible Hulk!


So there’s a lot of things going on here in this trailer. First of all we get our first looks at the villains of the movie, Hela and The Grandmaster. Hela will no doubt be the main antagonist as she will try to destroy Thor and Asgard itself, while The Grandmaster will be the host of the fighting games that take place. We also get to see Loki, whom had since taken the image of Odin to rule Asgard. It’s likely to see the brothers having to team up to stop Hela from destroying Asgard (if it’s not already destroyed) and the rest of the cosmic planets.


Obviously though, the Hulk being in this film is probably the most exciting thing about the story. Not only do we get an epic Thor adventure, but we also get a mini Planet Hulk story-line within as well. Last time we saw Hulk, he was taking off at the end of Ultron and flying to an unknown destination. It was already confirmed that Mark Ruffalo would return to play Hulk in the film with high speculation that the Planet Hulk story would be integrated. For the reveal of this trailer, Hulk looks damn good and that he may be under some sort of control for him not to recognize Thor. The showdown between Thor and Hulk will surely be a fun fight for all fans to watch.


The film overall looks very fun. The story looks very promising, the inclusion of Hulk will make it more powerful, and hopefully some dark elements occur that leads directly to either Guardians of the Galaxy or Infinity War. We also know that Doctor Strange will be in the film as well, but we don’t know how much he will be a part of it. We are getting closer and closer to the fight of the universe with Thanos, so will this be one of Thor’s last adventures before we get a big RESET button on the MCU? We shall see.

What do you think of Thor: Ragnarok? Are you excited for the film? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Review

  1. Jeff Goldblum! I had no idea he was cast. Sam Niell is signed on too. Even Stan Lee is rumored to be in it. I hope he finally gets a breakout role he deserves!

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