Artist Spotlight: Robert Francis

Written by Nicholas Cram, Follow me on Instagram @instacram19

I have decided that each week I will post an artist or band that I feel is underrated, and showcase some of their music for your pleasure. I encourage any reader to leave comments on the articles or to suggest a band or artist that they feel has not had the commemoration they deserve.

I am proud to announce Robert Francis as my first spotlight artist. An extraordinary Los Angeles born talent with a familiarity to his sound that is as comfortable as a languorous youthful summer night, but has an undeniable unique feel that refreshes your soul from all that redundant indie noise that has no color of its own.  If I were to tell you anything about my musical taste, it’s that I can certainly appreciate an artist who demonstrates their versatility. Robert Francis is no exception. From Jazz to folk, to southern blues, he’s got the sound covered. Humble and honest, he opens himself up on social media to his fans of his struggles to stray away from mainstream sound and maintain his integrity as an artist.

His voice hauntingly sings words and phrases that strike me in such a heartbreaking way, that other songs (of any genre) have been unable to accomplish.

“But I can’t put out a fire, when it looks like you”

“I prayed each night, for your lips fire engine red.”


His albums are all available on Itunes and you can stream most of his albums on his website

If you’re anything like myself, you will find yourself with all of his music in your collection very soon.

I have chosen him as my spotlight artist for his versatility, his humility and honesty towards his fans, and his overall ability to write absolutely stunning and gorgeous music.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Robert Francis:


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