Games With Gold June Line-Up

Prepare to put some hours in.

As always, for members who have an active Xbox Live Gold Membership (reg. $59.99 for a year of service), each month you will get four free titles for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 (which are backwards compatible), as well as exclusive discounts on games each week.

SpeedRunners (June 1-30)

A side-scrolling racing game that won the Gamer’s Voice Award at the SXSW Gaming Awards in 2015.

Watch Dogs (June 16-July 15)

Ubisoft’s action game that launched in 2014 that gives you control of a hacker that has infinite possibilities in an open world environment.

Assassins Creed III (Xbox 360, June 1-15)

Another Ubisoft title, this entry to the Assassins Creed game series ends the story of Desmond. Putting you in the middle of the American Revolution, take back the fight along side George Washington.

Dragon Age: Origins (Xbox 360, June 16-30)

One of the best of the series, a massive RPG that will let players get lost in a vast world.

As a bonus, Gold members also get a free multiplayer DLC pack for Phantom Dust starting June 1, which normally would cost $14.99.

Xbox re-released Phantom Dust for Xbox One and Windows 10 last week for free.

Currently, you can still claim Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris and Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

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