Master Of The Flying Guillotine

Martial Arts Madness returns with the 1976 film, Master of the Flying Guillotine

Written by Will Allman

Master of the Flying Guillotine is 1976 Taiwanese film starring Jimmy Wang Yu.

Jimmy Wang Yu plays a martial arts master being hunted by an assassin who wields a “flying guillotine” which is a dome attached to a long chain with a blades inside that he latches on to his opponents head that he then uses to decapitate his foes.

There’s lots of great action, stunt work and some beautiful fight choreography in this film. Quentin Tarantino sampled some of the soundtrack for Kill Bill and says it’s one of his favorite movies.

Here is our pick of one of our favorite fight scenes from the film:

Want some more action? We got you covered with our Martial Arts Madness page! Feel free to drop by and leave a suggestion for your favorite fight scenes as well.

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