Samurai Cop

Martial Arts Madness kicks you in the face with Samurai Cop

Written by: Will Allman

Samurai Cop is a 1991 martial arts film directed, produced, and written by Amir Shervan. Matt Hannon stars as Joe Marshall who has been trained by the masters in Japan as a Samurai. The plot concerns Joe tracking down the Katana gang who have been trafficking drugs into Los Angeles. The vicious gang may have met their match when they face off against the “Samurai Cop”.

This film is known for its low production values and bad acting. Most notably, Matt Hannon’s obvious wig in several scenes. After filming had wrapped, Hannon was called back several months later to do extra scenes and he had cut his long hair. Shervan couldn’t afford lighting to shoot night scenes so all the action takes place during the day. Shervan also was unfamiliar with recording audio so most of the dialogue had to be redone in ADR. Despite all of this the film has garnered a cult following over the years and even had a sequel in 2016 with all the surviving cast returning. It’s a weird and fun movie that has to be seen to be believed.

Here’s some highlights from the film that we enjoy:

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