Black Belt Jones

A certified fresh punch from Martial Arts Madness

Written by Will Allman

Black Belt Jones is a martial arts film directed by Robert Clouse and stars Jim Kelly. This film is Clouse’s follow up to Enter The Dragon which Kelly co-starred in. It came out at the height of the martial arts craze in the 1970’s.

The plot involves Black Belt Jones trying to save his friend Pop’s karate school from local drug dealer Pinky who he owes money to. But Pinky has been stealing money from the mafia and has been inflating Pop’s debt to try and save his own skin. As tends to happen in these movies things go belly up for all parties and Black Belt has to leap into action to save the day.

This is an extremely fun movie with a lot of humor, memorable characters, snappy dialogue and some great hard hitting action scenes. I’ve always maintained that Jim Kelly had the same spark and fire that Bruce Lee was able to tap into and it shows all through this movie. Jim Kelly is at his absolute best in this film and I highly recommend it. And just try to get that theme music out of your head!

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