Chester Bennington, Dead at 41

RIP Chester

Today on July 20, 2017, Chester Bennington from the popular rock band Linkin Park was pronounced dead after finding him at his home from hanging by suicide.

This devastating news shook fans as well as the entertainment industry all around the world. Bennington and other co-lead of the band Mike Shinoda were both infamous for their unique styles of sound and powerful lyrics in each song, but it was Bennington who carried such a distinct, raw, and powerful voice that echoes through your speakers when you listen.


As personal fans of Linkin Park and them having such an influence in our lives, it’s hard to imagine and actually see such a tragedy happen to an singer who was so talented. Bennington was known for heavy depression and drug addiction throughout his life though, so these roles may have played a part in his suicide.

Chester is yet another musician to take their own life for whatever number of reasons, with more recently Chris Cornell from Audioslave and Soundgarden. This just shows that everyone can be affected by emotion and hard times in their lives and if you ever have something you just need to say, please reach out to someone.

Linkin Park in concert at The O2 Arena, London, Britain - 23 Nov 2014

Chester, from all of our hearts as well as the other countless friends, family, and fans you have in this world, our thoughts and prayers go to your family and the Linkin Park team. May you Rest In Peace and watch your legacy live on.

Here is a song from Linkin Park’s album, Minutes To Midnight that we feel dedicates to Chester.

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