It’s about to get messy with Martial Arts Madness!

Written by Will Allman

Bloodsport is 1988 film directed by Newt Arnold and starring Jean Claude Van Damme. The film is based on claims by Frank Dux who said he is the first westerner to win the martial arts tournament known as the Kumite.

maxresdefault (1)
The story focuses on Frank Dux who as a youth broke into Ninjutsu master Senzo Tanaka’s home and stole a katana. He was apprehended by Tanaka after he attempted to return the sword out of guilt. Impressed by his honesty, Tanaka took him in and trained him in the art of Ninjutsu with his son Shingo. Many years later Shingo is killed in the illegal martial arts tournament Kumite. Frank decides to go AWOL from the army and enter the Kumite to honor Shingo’s memory. He faces many deadly opponents during the course of the tournament all while trying to avoid the officers assigned to bring him in for his desertion from the military.

This film was a huge at the box office and made Van Damme a superstar. While the plot is a little weak and cliché at times the movie is full of solid hard hitting action. It remains one of Van Damme’s best and deserves to be included in any martial arts movie night.

Want some more action? We got you covered with our Martial Arts Madness page! Feel free to drop by and leave a suggestion for your favorite fight scenes as well.

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