Angels & Airwaves release “We Don’t Need To Whisper” Acoustic EP

Four songs from Angels & Airwaves debut album, We Don’t Need To Whisper, reworked acoustically. 

With a head turning surprise, Tom Delonge, former band member of blink-182 and front man of space rock group Angels & Airwaves, released a four track acoustic EP of Angels & Airwaves debut album We Don’t Need To Whisper through the band’s social media sites and Delonge’s multi-media conglomerate, To The Stars…

With WDNTW first being released back in 2006, AVA hasn’t released an acoustic since their formation. Though the release came with a surprise, the fact that Tom was working on the project wasn’t. Through social media teases, Tom has repeatedly posted small clips and photos of him being in the studio announcing an acoustic album for the band. With the EP finally out now, we get a small taste of what he has been working on.


When I say small taste, that’s exactly what I mean. There are only four songs from the iconic album that is available. The tracks are, “Valkyrie Missile”, “Distraction”, “Do It For Me Now”, and the most memorable song, “The Adventure”. Each of these songs are reworked differently; the acoustic melody isn’t the only thing that is thrown in. Tom manages to use unique sounds and obscure beats to make song stand out on its own. Of course, Tom’s vocals is the joy that everyone jumps up and down for, and to be honest, he still has it.

Though the major disappointment comes from such a small release of only four songs, it’s nice to get some new material from the band after over a year since the Chasing Shadows EP. It still makes you wonder why only four songs though? Surely he is working on the rest of the album, probably to have multiple releases for the next couple of months.

“It’s been about a year since we put out new music and I wanted to give the fans something while the band works on the soundtrack to the upcoming Strange Times film,” Delonge, in a statement to Rolling Stone. 

Tom makes it no secret of how busy he is trying to stay with his To The Stars… company. With a feature film of Strange Times in the works, more music from AVA, novels being written, as well as ALL of the crazy alien shit he is constantly reminding everyone about, who knows what this guy is going to come out with next. Let’s just get the rest of this album out first though, who else wants to hear “The War” acoustic?


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