Brand New’s Latest and Final Release “Science Fiction” Review

The final product is here, and it does not disappoint.

Science Fiction

For your listening pleasure whilst you read this article. Go buy the album. Support the band. This album was self produced.

I almost never feel satisfied when I hear a band’s last album. Something is always missing. I think the end of a lot of bands are circumstantial though, and Brand New has been planning their end for quite some time..

Nearly eight years after their previous album, we have it: the final product. A conclusion to a series of albums that made us feel every emotion possible. Every album sounds so different, yet at the same time, no other band could be playing these songs of existentialism, heartache, the calloused indifference one must face, and desire for it all to change in the sweetest transition that Brand New does.

I have grown up with this band, and for every single one of their albums to resonate so well with, it is as though fresh water has kissed me upon fevered, dried and cracked lips.  My ears revel in delight at each progression, and goosebumps form at the end of each brilliantly written line.

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The world needs more music like this. Jesse’s ethereal voice haunts listeners. It rips off scars of the heart and once again makes you bleed, something I think the world needs. It is not a bad thing to feel things. Our hearts have all hardened towards one another, in one way or another. I’m not going to get into anything political here, but the song “137” really strikes a nerve with me with lyrics such as these:

“Let’s all go play Nagasaki, we can all get vaporized. Hold my hand let’s turn to ash, I’ll see you on the other side.”

Brand New has always been wildly honest in their songs. They do not write conventional lyrics, and I believe that is why they have developed such a following.  It’s hard for me to write this as I feel I am saying goodbye. Although I have all of their albums, there is a part of my heart that has cracked.

The album itself almost feels like a bit of anthology.  I have noticed that each album resembles some of the bands they tour with.  I almost hear some Modest Mouse and Manchester Orchestra in a lot of the songs. If you listen closely tell me what you hear!

Of course the lyrics are transcendant and ahead of the times. If you want smart music to listen to, I suggest you listen to this.  The lyrics are a little sad, and you can tell the band is ready to move on. Essentially this is the best break up I’ve ever encountered. Please PLEASE buy this album. You will not regret it for a second. This album gets two thumbs way, way up

BRAND NEW: It has been a lot of growing up with your lyrics… your music.. and you. Thank you for the great run.



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