China O’Brien

A female led action flick headed your way with Martial Arts Madness!

China O’Brien is a 1990 film directed by Robert Clouse of the Enter The Dragon fame and starring martial arts legend Cynthia Rothrock. The film was produced by Raymond Chow who’s responsible for giving legends like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan their big breaks.

Rothrock stars as China O’Brien, a cop who doubles as a martial arts instructor. She is involved in an incident that leads to a child’s death and quits the force. She returns to her hometown to stay with her father who is the town sheriff. After her father is killed on the job, she learns there is something foul going on. She takes up her father’s job as sheriff and takes to the streets cleaning up the corruption.

Rothrock was a five time World Karate Champion and holds seven black belts in several martial arts styles. She was the undefeated champion in weapons and forms from 1981 to 1985 and is one of the very few individuals to be inducted into both the Black Belt Hall of Fame and Inside Kung-Fu Hall of Fame. ( 2014, April 12)

It was these accomplishments that caught the attention of Golden Harvest Films and she was cast in the Michelle Yeoh vehicle Yes, Madam. After that film’s success she became a star in Hong Kong and starred in seven films over three years.

China O’Brien was her breakthrough film in the United States. After that film hit she spent the majority of the 90’s starring in over thirty films in both Hong Kong and the United States including a sequel to China O’Brien. One of her legacies is that she was the inspiration for the character Sonya Blade in the Mortal Kombat video games.

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