Soundtracks: Judgement Night

Remembering Judgement Night and its memorable tracks.

One of the cool things about entertainment in the 90’s was movie soundtracks. No matter how bad the movie was, the studios would dump a ton of money into them. And because of this, we were left with several very memorable ones.

A prime example of this is the soundtrack to the movie Judgment Night. A movie that featured Denis Leary as the main bad guy, a pre-Jerry McGuire Cuba Gooding Jr, and the 80’s/early 90’s staple Emilo Estevez.

This was a soundtrack that paired up some of the bigger rap and hard rock/metal acts of the time, and if you were a teenager in high school you ate it up! A few years later the Spawn movie soundtrack did something similar by pairing up hard rock/metal bands with electronic rock and DJ’s. But just like that movie….. the result weren’t nearly as memorable or good.

Here are a few  of my favorite songs from the Judgement Night soundtrack in no particular order.

“Just Another Victim” by Helmet & House of Pain

This is probably one of the best known tracks from the album and is probably one of the most 90’s songs you will ever hear.

“I Love You Mary Jane” by Sonic Youth & Cypress Hill

I have never been able to get into Sonic Youth. But  I dig this track because they are just adding the atmosphere for B Real to do his thing over.

“Freakmomma” by Mudhoney & Sir Mix-A-Lot

Just a straight up fun song from the Seattle group and rapper. Good times!!

“Real Thing” by Pearl Jam & Cypress Hill

What can I say, I’ve always dug Cypress Hill. This is probably my favorite track on the album.

“Fallin'” by Teenage Fanclub & De La Soul

De La Soul doing their super chill thing and Teenage Fanclub doing their “alternative” rock and samples thing. This track really stands out on the album because it’s so different from the rest.

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