Empire Music: Collegians

Empire Music Promotions present the band Collegians with their lead single, “Vaccine“. 

Reigning all the way from Melbourne, Australia, Collegians is a four-piece electronic alternative rock band that strays away from standards and pushes the boundaries of many different genres to form an original sound.

Listeners of bands such as Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, and Muse will find similar elements to their music from their dark synths, heavy rock riffs, and emotionally influenced lyrics that carries through your speakers. “Vaccine” is the band’s current single in hopes to ride the wave of new material and upcoming shows to grow their fan base across the world, especially the United States.

Vaccine” begins with a simple progression of synthesizer and drums but quickly builds up momentum the second Glenn Patrick (the lead singer) begins to sing. His lyrics resonate with the feeling of wanting to be good enough for someone just as they are what is best for you. It’s actually great to hear how smooth the transition of soft spoken bridges lead into heavier choruses throughout the song. The track itself is a reminder of how bands like 30 Seconds To Mars and even Three Days Grace started off in their earlier years with music that everyone could relate to and appreciate.

Though this particular track can only give so much insight to the bands style, you will be able to tell that there was a lot of effort put into their music from passion alone. The band’s live presence seems like it would be very theatrical; with lots of lights, big screen animation or graphics, and overall great stage presence.

The release of this single is also coming along after recording their new album. The band made time to create a brand-new music video for “Vaccine” as well. 

If you’re interested in electronic rock, powerful lyrics, and a fan of indie music altogether, Collegians can be a great starting point of finding something special. We look forward to hearing the rest of their album to see what else the band is capable of. For now, you can stream “Vaccine” below.

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