Art Smashes Records — Single Release “Old Dreams”

An upcoming Alternative Indie Pop Rock band hailing from East Tennessee releases their first lead single, along with their new self-titled EP. 

Let’s Dance.

Art Smashes Records, a name that both resonates with modern creativity and interesting ideas. The five-piece group blends the genuine sound of alternative and indie rock with a mix of pop and electronic elements that captures you from the start of the rhythm guitar.

When we looked into the band, we were pleasantly surprised to hear familiar, yet distinct, sounds that aren’t typically around the local shows we go to. The lead single, “Old Dreams” instantly reminded us of groups like Walk The Moon or Vinyl Theatre, who both carry fast paced rhythms and beats, catchy and honest lyrics, and the unique sound of synth keys that you just want to reach out to.

The transitions of the verses to the chorus are seamless. This is a song you will want to listen in your headphones and really admire the dedications and passion that has been put into it. Each instrument is played and heard well, especially the guitar shredding in the background of the conclusion of the song. The singer, Spence Nirrac, does an excellent job of keeping a smooth voice but not afraid of stretching those vocal chords out along with the flow of the entire track.


We love music in general; but we have a soft spot for truly talented artists who put passion and creativity over everything. Hearing Art Smashes Records reminded us of some of the first moments we heard other favorite bands or discovering them at shows. It also makes us want to jump up and dance at our favorite venue. With this in mind now, we would love to check these guys out at a local show and see a live performance of this great track.

Along with “Old Dreams“, you can find the rest of their self-titled EP on ALL major platform music services like iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music. A couple of their other tracks are also available on YouTube, we recommend checking these guys out and show some support. We’ll be sure to be on the look out for any future releases as well any opportunities to connect with the band.

Check out their lead single, “Old Dreams” here:

Find Them On Facebook:

Get In Touch With The Band:

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