Blade Runner 2049 Review

The future is here.

Written by Max Newman

As a big fan of Phillip K. Dick, I have been ready for this one for quite some time. After the disappointments of original Sci-fi movies of recent, I have a new hope that this one would not be be a rehashing. Unlike many current moviegoers, I wasn’t disappointed.

With an all-star cast including Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, and Jared Leto, the expectactions are as sky high as the hovering automobiles in the movie. Speaking of fictional autos, that Puegot three wheeled motorcycle was badass. There are a few cameos of actual cars sprinkled throughout for those muscle heads out there. 

Based off of Do Anroids Dream of Electric Sheep? the movie revolves around replicants, androids engineered to resemble and replace the human workforce. Because of this, there are blatant political allusions. There is also religious subtext which I enjoyed because it added depth. I believe this to be partially responsible for the low box office numbers as usually these are not as in your face in major blockbusters. People often go to the movies to relax and stimulate their minds. It is difficult to strike that balance. Especially so for a major motion picture. 

The cinematography I also believe played a part. Whereas I enjoyed frames often having few objects and text it goes against the grain of most mainstream media, I found it to be incredibly aesthethically pleasing. Speaking of that, it is graphic thematically as well, and will definetly upset some viewers. 

So, before looking up and to the left, leave your comments below. And thanks for reading this article. I know it was headier than people’s purses in Colorado.

Overall score 9.4/10

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