Strange Films: PASSENGER

There’s monsters all around us…

PASSENGER is the latest production of STRANGE FILMS, the production company director August Aguilar and his father, Frank Aguilar created in 2016.

The short film just made its public debut at the 2017 Knoxville Horror Film Festival and is now available for viewing online. The film was also selected the for 2017 Big Terror Horror Film Fest, and Planet 9 Film Festival.


Here’s an exclusive heads up: if you’ve watched STRANGE FILMS first film, There’s Something Down The Road, this new film is a continuation of the story that started it all. So viewers will enjoy a special treat at the end of PASSENGER.

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In a small town where monsters, evil, and secrets lurk in every corner, THE STRANGER watches from the shadows. On her way home from a night out, Lindsey will soon become the victim of an unexpected passenger.

Written, Produced, and Directed by August Aguilar

Shout Out: Planet 9 Film Festival

PASSENGER was also selected by the Planet 9 Film Festival and was awarded the “Groovy Film Award” along with a review written about it, so THANK YOU!


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