For The Love Of Music: Halloween Edition

Escape Freddy by staying awake and listening to these 80’s themed hits.

Written by Rodney Sheehan of Super Action Rock band, Mass Driver

I loved the Nightmare On Elm Street movies when I was a kid. Even around the third one when they were no longer scary, I loved them. Freddy was funny and always had creative ways to take care of those pesky teens.

This post is about three songs that showed up (or didn’t) on A Nightmare on Elm Street soundtracks.

“Dream Warriors” by Dokken

One could write a thesis on this video alone. But it’s better just to watch it in utter 80’s amazement. Out of the three songs listed,  this is probably the most well known. It showed up on the 3rd Elm Street soundtrack.

“Nightmare On My Street” by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

This song has an interesting story to it. The song was set to appear on the 4th Elm Street soundtrack…they even made a video for it. But through a series of circumstances and lawsuits, both were scrapped. However, the song showed up on Jeff and the Prince’s 2nd album….along with a disclaimer sticker on the cover saying that the song is not authorized and has nothing to do with the Elm Street franchise. Something tells me that the Fresh Prince’s career wasn’t effected by this setback.

“Are You Ready For Freddy?” by The Fat Boys

Arguably the worst and best song on the list. The title should’ve been called “Are You Ready For A Pay Day?” But I can’t fault The Fat Boys one bit for taking the money. The highlight of this song and video is hands down Freddy rapping. This is a can’t miss!!

Hope you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane. Have a happy and safe Halloween and whatever you do……..Don’t fall asleep!!

Rodney Sheehan is the singer/bass player of the Super Action Rock band, Mass Driver! For more information, videos, and and music, check out their page here! 
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