Burrito Bloggers Music Monday (11/6/17)

Put on your best Monday sweater for these new tracks.

The Burrito Blogger staff hand picks a selection of songs we enjoy for you to listen to each week. As always, you can find our archived Music Monday posts all on one playlist here on YouTube!

“Cambridge” by Motion City Soundtrack

Picked by Burrito Blogger August Aguilar (@AugustAA92)

“Fangs” by Rey Pila

Picked by Burrito Blogger Mark Glotzbach

“Let’s Do Our Thing Together” by Chuck Berry

Picked by Burrito Blogger Frank Aguilar (@71frank)

“Hot Thoughts” by Spoon

Picked by Burrito Blogger Max Newman

“Dog Days Are Over” by Florence + The Machine

Picked by Burrito Blogger Nicolette Griffin

“Conrad” by Jets To Brazil

Picked by Burrito Blogger Erick P. Jackson

“Immigrant Song” by Led Zeppelin

Picked by Burrito Blogger Ryne Brown (@rynekbrown)

El Burrito Blog

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