Stories of George Martorano

A man who spent most of his life in prison wants to be able to tell his story.

George Martorano is the longest-serving first-time non-violent offender in the Federal Bureau of Prisons at the time of his release. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 1988 on drugs charges.[1]

Martonaro was released in October 2015 after serving 27 years.

Maybe at first glance to this man, you may not think one was so capable of accomplishing so much in his life; even inside prison walls. During the time of his incarceration, George was able to maintain a “model” prisoner role by many different ways. Here are just some:

  • prevented the hijacking of an aircraft by prisoners while in transit from Philadelphia to Oklahoma, OK following the loss of his 33rd appeal. This incident has been documented by the FBI and FBOP and was called “extraordinary” by D.C. DeCamillus, SIS Lieutenant
  • was considered one of the most prolific writers in the Federal Prison System, having authored more than 31 books. He has also written numerous short stories, screenplays and poems
  • published a self-help booklet for inmates entitled the “ShotCaller”. This publication has been approved by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP) for use in prisoner re-entry programs [1]
  • has developed a creative writing course – “The Write to Life” – which has assisted numerous inmates in earning GEDs and developing creative writing skills.

Recently during our trip to Philadelphia, we were able to speak with Mr. Martorano and follow him around as he wants to begin documenting some of his life’s work, stories, and dreams of his own.

These videos are more sentimental pieces to the man who lost most of his life; but he hopes to have more opportunity to carry on a full documentary about why he went to prison, how he changed and what he did during his stay, and what he is trying to accomplish now as a free man.

This video series is directed by August Aguilar:

The Silence of Solitude: Stories of George Martorano (Part One)

Stories of George Martorano (Part Two)

Stories of George Martorano (Part Three)

For more information, video blogs, and to reach Mr. Martorano for public speaking appearances, visit his Facebook page here or you can directly contact Director August Aguilar.



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