For The Love Of Music: CKY

One more listen, for old time’s sake.

Written by Rodney Sheehan of Super Action Rock band, Mass Driver

I was digging through some old CD’s the other day and I stumbled upon one that I haven’t listened to in at least 10 years: CKY’s (Camp Kill Yourself) 2002 release Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild.

The general public probably knows of the band through Bam Margara’s many television stints (his brother plays drums) Which I suppose is a bit of a double edged sword, depending on how you feel about Bam’s stuff. For a point of reference…”96 Quite Bitter Beings” (otherwise known as the shopping cart song) was featured  prominently on Jackass.

After all these years I still find myself playing that riff from time to time…

Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild was the bands follow up to CKY Volume 1 and in my opinion, it’s the bands most solid album. Weird but memorable riffs and catchy choruses are in force on this album. Here are a few  of songs that I dig:

“Escape From Hellview”

This is the lead track in the album and after giving it a listen you kind of understand why. It’s stupid catchy.

“Flesh Into Gear”

This was the first single off of the album. It’s a pretty kick ass song and it reminds me of the guitar player in the metal band that I was in at the time. He always seem to have this song on in his truck whenever he would pick me up for practice. Weird….

“Inhuman Creation Station”

This song always really stuck out on the album to me. It has such a weird structure to it (even more than most CKY songs) but for some reason it works. Even the abruptness of how the song ends is a bit off, but like I said, it just works.

“Sink Into The Underground”

After going over these songs again in order to write this post I reaffirmed how many cool tunes are on this album. And this is just one more example!! I wish I had wrote that damn chorus!

If you’re in the mood for atypical riffs and catchy melodies pick up, download, stream, whatever this album!

Rodney Sheehan is the singer/bass player of the Super Action Rock band, Mass Driver! For more information, videos, and and music, check out their page here! 
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