Top 10 El Burrito Blog Moments of 2017

It’s been a great year, and we’re only getting started.

“I am personally thankful for everyone who has ever came across this site and has found something enjoyable from it. It is my mission to create a fun and entertaining space for anyone to read, watch, or contribute exciting and original content from around the web. To reach a goal or make a dream come true, you must put hard work and passion into it, and that’s exactly what I plan to do. Stick around, chat with us, and follow along as we go through this journey together.” – August Aguilar, Creator of El Burrito Blog & STRANGE FILMS

2017 has been an incredible year for us. Starting off with an average rate of 0-5 visitors per month, 71 LIKES on social media, and maybe a dozen articles of original content, we have now gained a solid foundation many visitors from around the world visiting our site, nearly 500 LIKES on social media, and a staff of writers that have published over 100 articles and original video content.

But this is just the beginning. We have many ideas, plans, and goals to reach for 2018 that will provide you a more engaging website that you trust and follow through all of our endeavors. We only ask that if you do like us, please give us a share, comment, subscribe, ANYTHING to help us out and reach one more person. After all, this is for you.

This year we went to some pretty amazing places, met some really wonderful people, and hosted/attended some very fun events. Out of all the coverage we did this year, we wanted to compile a list of our Top 10 Moments with El Burrito Blog and let you enjoy them once more:

#10: The El Burrito Blog Podcast Show

Believe it or not, at the start of this year we had a El Burrito Blog Podcast Show, a mini-series containing six episodes from Director August Aguilar and his brother/actor Tyler McKeeThese episodes are not only a podcast show, but a visual engagement that went along with the conversation including short skits from characters CHIP, John “The Cop”, The Royal Knight, and more. Special guests include Rodney Sheehan from Mass Driver as well as Frank Aguilar, co-creator of STRANGE FILMS.

**EDIT: We have taken down the original six episodes that we produced in the early year of 2017. For personal, professional, and creative reasons, we would like to present you with a new podcast show in the near future. Thanks for understanding!**

#9: “The Hunt” Short Film

Our very first original production short film. “The Hunt” starring Tyler McKee and directed by August Aguilar. This was nothing more than a bored afternoon at home with only imagination, creativity, and a lot of improvisation; which ended up being something really cool, trippy, and funny (we think so anyways). Follow John “The Cop” as he hunts a wild gorilla who has been terrorizing him.

#8: Stories of George Martorano

This past October we had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful man named George Martorano in Philadelphia, PA. A man who spent most of his life in prison, he is now a man who has spent the longest amount of time in a Federal Prison for a non-violent offense. During his time in prison, George wrote numerous novels, screenplays, and poems; all while working productively for the prison, teaching classes to inmates, and even stopping a hijacking during a transport. We did a short documentary promo series with George as he reflects on life outside of prison and what he wants to do now. We’re hoping to team up with George some more in 2018.

For more information about George, or how to contact him directly for speaking events, please contact him here or August Aguilar directly.

#7: The Royal Knight

The Royal Knight is a friend that never got his name quite out there as he hoped for in 2017. A man who seeks justice and to do away with evil, he lost his spirit after his Staff of Righteousness was destroyed after an emotional day. Since then, he has been under the radar training, studying, and drinking more beer. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of him in 2018.

#6: Ontario St. Comics

This year we had the pleasure of hanging out at Ontario St. Comics in Philadelphia, PA with the store owner, William Fink, AKA The Captain. As a part of a promo for Free Comic Book Day and his store, we filmed a small video there showcasing the merchandise, cosplayers, and some artists who were there. We also spoke about the movie Unbreakable (Directed by M. Night Shymalan), who filmed at his store years ago. Fun fact: the sequel (to now Unbreakable AND SplitGlass, was recently filmed there as well!

#5: Hard Knox Roller Girls

We typically don’t get out to sporting events often (we’re working on it), but this is one we couldn’t miss. The Hard Knox Roller Girls team in Knoxville, TN, held a fun and fantastic roller derby game event that also brought along our friends Mass Driver and the legendary Doc Isacc. A very fun day that brought a lot of people together for a good time and good music, we hope to check more of it out next year.

#4: Fanboy Expo

One of the most exciting events we look forward to each year is the Fanboy Expo in Knoxville, TN. Each year the convention seems to be bigger and better with many A-list celebrities, artists, vendors, and cosplayers join the ranks of each other to bring the ultimate comic convention experience to any fan. This year we attended the event with our legendary friend, Chip, who loves to mingle with people. Can’t wait to see what comes next year.

#3: BRAWL at The Birdhouse

One of our first events that we’ve had the pleasure of co-hosting with. A benefit show at The Birdhouse in Knoxville for the Young Williams Animal Center, the event brought together four amazingly talented bands including Mass Driver, Doc Isacc, Rhodesian Ready, and The Holifields. Below is a video of Mass Driver as they played their set; we took videos and photos of each band, which you can find them here:

#2: Rock N’ Roll Wrestling!

The second event we co-hosted, which was something really cool and interesting we got to experience. Wrestlers from the legendary School of Morton combined forces with Appalachian Surf Team and Mass Driver to bring out some of the best live entertainment out there in one evening. We covered all the matches as well as the music, combining the two for some really fun videos. Take a look at a match below, and find the rest of them here


STRANGE FILMS is technically our partner site, but we go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. The most thrilling part of 2017 was the ability to help produce short films for the production company, including the hit film CENTER CITY and recently released PASSENGER. These films are of course low-budget filmmaking with one-man crews, but the stories are something we hope that no one forgets. In 2018 we are gearing up already a line up of short films with BUTCH (a companion piece to CENTER CITY), Cindy’s Birthday Party, and Midnight Special. We also hope to flesh out our shared universe a little more with THE STRANGER and the bizarre world of CENTER CITY.

Do you have a favorite moment that we covered in 2017? Let us know what you want most from our site and how we can improve going into 2018. Thank you again for choosing us as your favorite Burrito!

El Burrito Blog

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