Strange Films: BUTCH (CENTER CITY)

STRANGE FILMS presents: A companion piece to the award winning short film, CENTER CITY, following up on fan favorite character: BUTCH. Directed by August Aguilar, Produced by Frank Aguilar.

In March of 2017, STRANGE FILMS released their second short film: CENTER CITY.

Since then, the film has been awarded Best Drama at the Philly TV Film Festival, and has been officially selected by the Model City Film Fest, PUSH! Film Fest, and the Freedom Shorts and Liberty Massacre Film Festival. With each showing and the word of mouth spreading through Philadelphia, the film has been actively floating around and getting praise for its unique look, style, music, story, and characters.


2017 was a great year for filmmakers August and Frank Aguilar. But, they weren’t done with CENTER CITY just yet. In fact, they were just getting started.

Back in October 2017, the two decided to pursue the next chapter in the saga with the fan favorite character: BUTCH. Why not make a one-shot film showing what BUTCH was up to after the events of CENTER CITY?

Bringing back actor Paul Magilton along with his good buddy DRIVER (Mike Raymond), the two return for an all new spin-off film bringing a hell of a good time. Filmed on location at 2nd Street Brew House in South Philadelphia, and the full soundtrack provided by Philly based band, Whiskey Effect, here is the story of BUTCH:

Again, if you haven’t watched CENTER CITY, you probably won’t understand BUTCH. With this film being a fun take on the character, and potentially leaving room for more world building, we are happy to see a return of this Philadelphia tale though.

The filmmakers also threw a special event premiere party for the film at the 2nd Street Brew House featuring Whiskey Effect and Mike Raymond who both played great sets. The creators showed off their films, gave out free swag, and had a blast enjoying South Philly. You can check out some photos below!

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