Meet Voss

Hailing from Philadelphia, Voss is bringing hip-hop home with his sophomore record, Lost and Crowned. Plus an interview with the artist himself.

In Philadelphia, music (especially hip-hop) comes around from every corner. But it’s also hard to find that music that separates itself from the rest of the noise and that stands out. Passion, pain, and perseverance is what truly makes an artist special; and that is exactly what Mike Voss aka VOSS, has to be the upcoming artist we need in today’s music scene.


Voss has been in the Philly underground hip-hop scene for quite some time now, performing with artists all over the city and making a name for himself. He was even featured on BET at one point early in his career.

Everyone starts somewhere, and whether it is something high or low, it’s about putting your name out there and making it count. Voss has taken those steps and now at this point in his career he is ready to unleash something unlike anything else he’s done.

Listen to “Dare” and “Let It Fade” NOW

Lost and Crowned features 12 tracks, blending old school influences with new age style. With other featured Philly established artists like Major Van Winkle, Mason, and Terrance Stone, the heat is on and the energy is high. We got a chance to attend his listening party for the album and got to hear it, and it is truly something he should be proud of.

Here is an interview we shot with Voss that shines some light onto who he is, the creative process and feelings for the new album, and his aspirations.

If you’re on the prowl for some good hip-hop, be sure to check Voss out. If you’re in the Philadelphia area and you haven’t heard of him, you’re missing out.

Lost and Crowned comes out February 2nd, and will be available on ALL streaming platforms. Reserve yours now and follow Voss on social media for new music, tour dates, and more.

Voss Facebook

Voss Soundcloud

Voss Instagram


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